January 20, 2020

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‘Human rights" NGO @EuroMedHR condemns Israel – and does not even MENTION hundreds of rockets from Gaza


Here is the entire press release from the Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor NGO regarding the mini-war this weekend in Gaza:

Geneva – We condemn in the strongest terms the Israeli air and artillery shelling of the Gaza Strip, which started on Saturday morning, May 4, 2019, said Sarah Pritchett, Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor’s spokeswoman. The Israeli strikes have resulted in the death of four civilians, including a pregnant mother and her child, the injury of more than 30 others, and the demolition of a residential building and 3 other buildings containing offices for media agencies, charities and shops.

The Israeli leadership has once again demonstrated its policy of using excessive force against 2 million civilians who have been besieged for more than 13 years. The Israeli authorities have not only deprived them of basic rights through the blockade, but by repeatedly targeting their person and property by airstrikes and shelling, in a clear disregard to all international conventions and treaties guaranteeing the protection of civilians in times of armed conflict.

The continuation of the Israeli army behavior towards the Gaza Strip of killing and targeting civilian objects and the continuation of the collective punishment policy through the blockade clearly represent war crimes under the Rome Statute and require a serious action to bring the perpetrators to justice.

We stress the necessity of urgent action by the United Nations and the actors in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict to contain the escalation in the Gaza Strip before the situation deteriorates to a more serious level. We also warn that the catastrophic living conditions in the Strip are not likely to bear any further deterioration.

Obviously, to this “human rights” NGO, Jews have no human rights. Even the right to life. Four dead Jews and hundreds of deadly rockets are simply not worth mentioning.

Here are some of Euro-Med’s partners, who are all damned by association to an organization that is clearly a propaganda front and not interested in human rights at all:

Some are fake organizations, like the “European Youth for Human Rights” who cannot spell “Rights” and whose Facebook page has not been updated in nearly a year.

Others are serious NGOs, like Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. They should be asked why (or if!) they partner with Euro-Med.

Not surprisingly, the Chairman of Euro-Med’s Board of Trustees is Israel-hater Richard Falk.

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