September 21, 2020

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Historic peace treaty proves what hypocrites the socialist Leftists are

It’s unanimous: the socialist Left hates peace.

They spent months talking about how awful “annexation” would be but they are not celebrating it getting off the table – because the price to be paid is a peace agreement between Israel and a major Arab country.

They talk about how important negotiations and diplomacy are for Iran but they are dead-set agaist negotiations and diplomacy between Israel and the UAE.

They say they are anti-war, but an agreement that makes another Arab-Israeli war virtually unthinkable gets nothing but condemnation.

They say that this agreement will hurt Palestinians, but they cannot quite say exactly why.

The true agenda of the far Left is revealed: anything that is good for Israel must be opposed.  Anything that makes the Jewish State more secure as a permanent part of the Middle East is anathema.

Their goal was never peace, or justice, or a Palestinian state, or morality, or an end to “occupation,” or any of the other myriad excuses they give to justify their hate. Their goal was always, and remains, the destruction of Israel – perhaps in phases, perhaps in one nuclear blast, but that it all these hypocrites really want.

That is the only consistent position they have. All the other stuff they say is to justify their crazed hate for the Jewish state, pretending that it is a moral position.

They have proven themselves to be immoral. All it takes to see this is to open one’s eyes.

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