December 12, 2019

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Hamas issues warning to Ashkelon residents, claiming the entire city is a military target

Hamas issued a warning to residents of Ashkelon, telling them to stay away from the entire city since “The army uses the city in its criminal operations against us, and therefore we will respond to that, so it is preferable to stay away from the city as much as possible.”

The graphic includes a depiction of an Israel Aircraft Industries facility in the city.

The only indication I could find of an IAI facility in Ashkelon was a command and control center set up during Operation Cast Lead to tell civilian rescue forces where to go when Hamas shoots rockets at the city – in other words, a place to help save civilian lives.  It is not a military site.

Hamas will use this graphic to claim that they are “warning” Israeli civilians the same way Israel warns Gazans to get out of buildings minutes before they are bombed.

But Israel issues warnings to save civilian lives. Hamas issues warnings to terrorize Israelis. It isn’t humanitarian – it is part of Hamas’ war.

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