September 26, 2020

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Haaretz, via German news agency, blames Israel for Gaza power crisis

This unbelievably biased article was published in Haaretz and written by DPA, the German news agency:

The Gaza Strip’s only operating power plant was turned off late Wednesday due to a severe shortage of fuel, leaving the coastal enclave in a complete blackout, local officials said.

Officials at the Hamas-run power corporation said they had turned off the last operating turbine at the plant in southern Gaza city.

The Gaza Strip, with more than two million people, has been suffering from an energy crisis since mid-April due to a dispute over taxes between the Islamist Hamas movement, which rules the enclave, and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

Gaza has been under a tight Israeli blockade since Hamas’ violent takeover of the coastal enclave a decade ago and residents have been subjected to persistent blackouts.

Since April, Gaza’s power station has not been generating any megawatts, while Israel has reduced the amount of power it supplies to the Gaza Strip. Power lines built to supply electricity from Egypt have been damaged amid heavy fighting in the Sinai region.

Two weeks ago, Egypt shipped around 4 million liters of fuel to operate the power plant – but it was not enough to resolve the worsening crisis.

The article doesn’t say that the Palestinian Authority refuses to pay Israel for the electricity. Israel hasn’t restricted fuel to Gaza for many years but the article implies that fuel is part of Israel’s blockade – it isn’t.

And if the article would also mention the PA’s refusal to pay for medicine and to allow most patients to leave, that would add context that they don’t want the readers to know.

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