March 22, 2019

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Guest Post: "Where Are the Samson and David of our Government?"

By Daphne Anson


“Where are the Samson and David of our government?” asks Israeli Jean Vercors, who’s no stranger to regular readers of this blog. 

He writes:

When I was a little child, I was fascinated by kites.  Seeing the kites dancing with the wind with colorful structures in the blue sky was magical. I remember running in all directions on the sand trying to fly my kite like a butterfly, a bird, a happy heart. Like all the children of the world I played with kites on beaches.

 Kites are normally children’s toys. Except in Gaza, where the population uses the kite as a weapon of terror against the Israeli civilian population.

 For more than three months, hundreds of terror kites and incendiary balloons have been launched from the Gaza Strip into Israel, causing considerable fires and threatening the civilian population in southern Israel (where I live).

 Reports indicate that thousands of dunams of crops and plants have been destroyed because of this form of terrorism: agricultural terror.
Since the beginning of Palestinian violence and attempts of incursions into Israeli territory, the damage to flora, crops and wildlife has been considerable, with estimates that losses amount to several millions dollars.

 According to a JNS report, “officials of the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority have estimated that at least a third of the Carmia Nature Reserve has been destroyed, with significant damage to local plants and wildlife”.

Because Israel has the advanced technologies needed to fight terror kites and incendiary balloons.

It would only take a few hours for the IDF to completely raze Gaza and put an end to this problem.

Except that this problem is not technological, but purely political.

Indeed, to combat these terrorist incursions into Israeli territory, the IDF uses barely 1% of its military power.

The IDF is very successful in preventing all terrorist incursions on its territory. So, no human loss on the Israeli side is deplored.

Politically speaking, the Israeli Government and the Israel Defense Forces believe that these terror kites attacks are secondary.

Without downplaying it, the Israeli government has decided not to use force. No wonder why it will take longer to finish the job.

As long as human lives are not in danger, Israel has chosen restraint and patience and prefers to listen to other nations who condemn us even for “stealing clouds in Iran”.

 With these terror kites, the Palestinians try to play the David against Goliath and have managed to ridicule the IDF for at least 3 months.

Israel needs spiritual determination not restraint to overcome them. Restraint only shows our weakness that empowers the terrorists to harm us more.

 We give them food they send us terror kites.

Every week thousands of tons of goods enter Gaza from Israel.

We give them food, water, gas, electricity and even medical care.

Which country in the world would do this to his enemies?
Terrorists try to deceive the whole world into believing that they are the real owners of this land they prefer to burn.

 Where are the Samson and David of our government?

 It’s time to show no restraint to those who only wish to destroy Israel.

Adds Daphne: 

Meanwhile, is it any wonder that many Israelis regard this Israeli general part of the problem, not of the solution?

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