January 21, 2019

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Gazans know that the PA – not Israel – is responsible for their problems.


The PFLP terror group issued a statement about how bad things are in Gaza.

Unlike Western reports that automatically blame everything on Israel, this Arabic statement accurately places the blame on the party that is responsible – the Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) warned Thursday that continued punitive measures against the Gaza Strip could cause a total collapse of the Gaza Strip.

The Front stressed in a press statement that the continuation of the measures against the Gaza Strip and the failure of the PA and the Accordance Government to respond to the national and popular appeals against imposing more punitive measures, culminating in the blackmail exercise exercised by the Authority against its employees in Gaza from the date of the last month’s salary until yesterday, …This could cause a total collapse of the sector, which would a fertile environment for the implementation of [Trump’s] deal of the century.

The Front considered that the continued manipulation of the lives of our children and the enjoyment of the suffering of our people through the imposition of further punitive measures is a crime that runs counter to the Palestinian Basic Law, international and humanitarian law, and strengthens the state of division and schism in the Palestinian arena.

The Front called on the masses of our people, national and Islamic forces, civil society organizations, national and national figures and all sectors of our people to unite behind a progressive struggle program that adopts resolute measures to confront these measures and pressure to stop them immediately.

The PFLP is not exactly Zionist. But they see the situation in Gaza and who is responsible – not Israel’s “blockade.” The PA has been systematically cutting services to Gaza for over a year now and the Western press rarely reports about it, because Arabs are expected to act with callous disregard to other Arab lives.

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