March 5, 2021

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Gaza running out of medicine for kidney patients. The PA is at fault – but blaming Israel is so much easier.

The Gaza Ministry of Health issued a statement about the critical shortage of  immunosuppressant  and other drugs in Gaza, jeopardizing the health and life of hundreds of patients who have had successful kidney transplants.

Without those drugs, the patients may have to return to going on dialysis, their new kidneys becoming useless.

There are 333 kidney transplant patients in Gaza, and hundreds more with renal failure who need medicines desperately.

While the Gaza Health Ministry did not place any blame for the lack of medicines, the Palestinian Authority has been limiting medicines to Gaza for over 18 months.

The ministry appealed to international organizations to help fill the shortfall.

Israel does not have any restrictions on medicines to Gaza. Nevertheless, the UK-based pan-Arab news site Al Araby (The New Arab in English) blames Israel anyway, falsely blaming the “blockade” on the lack of medicines.

Apparently, pressuring the PA is not considered productive. The fact that Abbas is so eager to put his people’s lives at risk barely ranks as an issue in the West.

If he is willing to have his own people die for the sake of his political goals, why does anyone seriously think he can be trusted when he claims he wants peace with Israel?

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