January 25, 2021

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From Manchester to Tel Aviv and back again (Forest Rain)

The terror attack in Manchester reminded me of a different attack. There too young people left their homes to have a good time and ended the night in the hospital, or worse. There too we saw parents frantically searching for their children, not knowing if they were dead or alive.

The attack in Manchester was one for the people of Britain, the attack in the Dolfinarium was one of many for the people of Israel. We’ve seen this happen again and again but for the children of Israel the world does not stop. Tears and prayers don’t help much but it is more than what the children of Israel receive. For some reason their lives, our lives, matter less.

While the media is focused on Manchester I want to tell you a story from Tel Aviv. From Manchester to Tel Aviv and back again we see that terror is terror.

On June 1, 2001 a Hamas terrorist walked into a Tel Aviv dance club and blew himself up murdering 21 young Israelis and injuring 132.

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