July 21, 2019

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Former Jordanian prime minister says that Jews are working to prepare for the dreaded "Yellow Cow"


Former Jordanian prime minister Taher al-Masri claimed in a speech this week that Israeli plans to dominate the region all started in a conference in 1879.

The First Zionist Congress occurred in 1897, but in this fictional conference that al-Masri is discussing, the “Zionists” set out their goals: “The goal is to create a Jewish state with Jerusalem as its capital, and to build the Temple to be a symbol of the Jewish state. They are now roaming around and under Al Aqsa to prepare the temple for what they call the Yellow Cow.”

It turns out that there is an Islamic legend about Moses and a yellow cow – not the red heifer that is part of the Temple service. In this legend Moses requires a yellow cow to slaughter and put its tongue on a dead man to solve a murder case, and the only yellow cow available is from a righteous family who finally agree to sell it for the price of its size in gold.

Al Masri is not too bright.

He went on to say, “The Zionists also decided the Jewish state law, which means that the historic land of Palestine is a state of Jews and its inhabitants are Jews only, and others are strangers and can be deported by the Minister of Interior of Israel at any time. All the Palestinians on the historic land of Palestine, numbering about 6 million people, can be deported. According to the Israelis, the program of deporting Palestinians from the historic land of Palestine is a matter of 100 years, and they think and plan for it and they will get there but when no one knows.”

Al Masri went on to claim that the Israelis use several tools to complete their plans, including creating difficult economic and social conditions in the region, especially in Palestine and Jordan, and then offering solutions to impose their will on the region.

The former prime minister also complained that during his travels in Muslim and Western capitals, no one is following up on the Palestinian issue and Jerusalem besides King Abdullah II .

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