March 4, 2021

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For Palestinians, even volunteering to help coronavirus victims in Hungary is just an excuse to attack Israel

The General Union of Palestinian Students branch in Hungary issued a statement that they are willing to help fight the coronavirus in that country.

The group is arranging that Palestinian students and graduates in the fields of medicine and public health register with Hungarian authorities to volunteer in any way they can. The coordination is happening through Dr. Ibrahim Al-Sharrouf, secretary of the Fatah movement in Hungary.

Very nice, right? Well, not really. Because this press release, whether it is true or not (it is not on the group’s Facebook page,) is just another excuse to attack Israel.

The statement said, “We can be proud of this act and the human feeling of solidarity and this Palestinian act. As long as we are still Palestinians, our human feelings and morals are driven by the reality of the tragedy, oppression, looting and diminishing of our national and human rights due to the occupation and its daily criminal practices against our people for more than 70 years.”

Can you imagine a Jewish group volunteering to help people – which happens all the time – and at the same time saying “We Jews are proud that we are really great and moral, especially since the gentiles have been attacking us for thousands of years”?

Suddenly, what could have been a nice gesture turns into a self-aggrandizing political attack. Both the pride at the idea of volunteering before anyone actually volunteers, and the attack on Israel, indicate that this is not a real attempt to help Hungarian authorities but an excuse to issue a press release saying “We Palestinians are moral human beings and Israelis are evil tormenters.” 
It will be interesting to see if any actual volunteering is ever documented.

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