February 29, 2024

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Fearing COVID-19 coming from Iran to Gaza, Israel requests Cairo provide medical aid

Hamas delegation to Cairo

Today, Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh is traveling to Cairo.

According to The New Arab, this trip was requested by Israel.

Gaza suffers from a severe shortage of medicines. This is not because of Israel but because the PA has limited transfers of medicines to Gaza for years.

Israel does not limit medical aid to Gaza at all.

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, Israel is asking Egypt to provide large amounts of medical aid to Gaza, and to help improve Gaza’s health infrastructure. This would of course help Egypt as well in case the virus breaks out in Gaza.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad members routinely travel to Iran which has been hit hard by the virus, and the concern is that they can become a conduit for bringing the virus into the sector, which is ill-equipped to handle it.

Once again, Israel is showing more interest in the health and welfare of Gaza than the Palestinian Authority is.

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