April 12, 2021

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Fatah media calls to boycott Revlon simply because its American founder gives money to Jewish groups


The Fateh Media site started a series of articles on the UN’s proposed blacklist of companies that “profit from the occupation.” It notes that the UN delayed its release of the database earlier this month.

So they decided to publicize their own list of companies that should be boycotted because they are supposedly tied to the “occupation.”

It starts off with the usual suspects – Caterpillar and ReMax (which sells real estate over the Green Line.)

It’s second installment adds Volvo, for Israel’s use of its heavy machinery.

And then it adds Revlon.

Why Revlon?

Because its head, Ronald Perelman, gives money to the “Zionist” Chabad and to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Nothing to do with “settlements” (although they say that Chabad supports settlements.)

Adding Revlon to the “blacklist” shows that, to Fatah, it isn’t about “occupation.” It is about Israel and, to a large degree, it is about Jews.

But we already knew that.


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