December 13, 2019

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EoZ to speak at a shul in Queens for Yom HaAtzmaut

As Yom HaAtzmaut enters, I will be speaking at a synagogue in Queens, between mincha and maariv, Wednesday evening.

It will be a different talk than those I usually give.

I usually stay very factual and practical. This talk, however, will concentrate on the miracles that preceded and continue to help modern Israel. Yes, everything can be explained in a rational manner, but when one looks at the whole picture, the many dominoes that fell into place perfectly that helped the renewed Jewish state seem to be more than just coincidence.

This is not to take away from the amazing political groundwork and military genius that Israel has benefited from, but just to highlight some of the many things that have happened over the past 150 years that cannot easily be explained rationally.

It will be only about 30-35 minutes but it will hopefully be fun.

If you are interested in attending, email me (elder @ elderofziyon,com) and I can forward the details.

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