August 10, 2020

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Does anyone actually read Peter Beinart’s Jewish Currents?

Since Peter Beinart had kept himself in the news with his absurd one-state solution, it is instructive to see whether he has a following that is commensurate with all the media attention.

Beinart is the editor-at-large of Jewish Currents. Jewish Currents seems well funded, with dozens of writers. So how many people actually read it?

The answer it, not too many.

According to Similarweb, Jewish Currents received about 116,000 visits in June 2020 – significantly less than any other Jewish news or opinion site ranked by that site that I could think of.




According to Google Analytics, EoZ had 80,000 pageviews in June, so Jewish Currents – despite having far more reporters, articles and Beinart  – is closer in readership to a blog than a professional news site. (In May EoZ and Jewish Currents differed by only 10,000 views.)

Peter Beinart might be great at self-promotion, but his actual influence is far less than he makes it appear.  (I don’t know whether his Open Zion site which closed in 2017 did any better. )

Beinart can get on CNN and he can generate buzz, but he doesn’t seem to have any real following.

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