April 13, 2021

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Comment on The Corbyn v Jews chess match. Gaining time by doing nothing by Chris Rogers



I don’t believe a Pond is a good place to spend our Honeymoon together, unless you are referring to waters off Israel, in which case we can stay in a small floating palace equipped with Palestinian fishing boat killing missiles – imagine the spectacle of a fireworks display having killed these terrorist fishermen with our latest tech missiles. Indeed, if there are any survivors we can unpack our sniper rifles and pluck them off one by one all in the comfort of our armchairs.

I must warn you though I suffer greatly from sea sickness, as such, we may need to pack a few decapitated Palestinian heads – the ones we march around with on pikes, and utilise them as spittoons, with mouths agape as I vomit my bile into them – all in the honour of Israel. Our wedding and honeymoon photo album will be full of fond memories & death and what’s a few dead Palestinians among friends I say!!!!!!

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