July 13, 2020

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Besides sports, Jibril Rajoub also politicizes Scouts to be anti-Israel


We have reported on how top PLO official Jibril Rajoub has been using sports to demonize Israel as head of the Supreme Council for Sport and Youth Affairs for the Palestinian Authority as well as the president of the Palestinian Football Association and the Palestinian Olympic Committee.

It turns out he is also the head of Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of Palestine.

A couple of years ago there were reports of how the Palestinian Scout Association had dedicated a training course to a terrorist, and how the World Scouts denied that the Palestinian Scouts were the official Palestinian Scouts – an absurd claim.

Now, looking at the Scouts Facebook page, one can see that they are just as political (against World Scout rules) as ever.

Here are the Scouts being indoctrinated to hate Israel at rallies last month.

Rajoub is trying to be Abbas’ successor.

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