September 29, 2022

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"…Because Our Traitor Class Fears Islam"

By Daphne Anson


Here’s an Englishman with a litany of instances of appeasement by craven dolts to an enemy instead of putting up a fight for the future of our children and grandchildren in “the greatest battle of the 21st century”.
It seems to be a lesson that Britain’s Jewish “leadership” might heed: see Edgar Davidson here
Below, former Head of Cobra Colonel Richard Kemp tells the hosts of the Good Morning Britain radio show that the time for platitudes is over … platitudes about how we must be tolerant and try to understand those who pose a threat to the UK:

“We have the finest intelligence services and finest police services in the world and they have protected us time and time again.  Hundreds of attacks have been stopped, thousands of terrorists have been put in prison.

The problem is that there are 3,000 known jihadists on the streets of the UK today, our intelligence services, our police services, no matter how good they are they can’t monitor all of them, they can’t control all of them….

Every single person who we have intelligence upon, who is known to be involved in terrorism, who is not a UK citizen, and who we cannot prosecute in this court, we deport and send them back to where they came from…”

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