July 13, 2020

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As usual, the Palestinian Authority lies about Jews taking over the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron


Al Resalah has an article about how Israel “exploits Jewish holidays to attack the Palestinians.”

Many Jews on vacation during Passover like to visit Biblical sites. These visits are described in the article as a fulfillment of Netanyahu’s  promise to annex the territories, even though this happens every year.

Ghassan Daghlas, the man that the Palestinian Authority literally pays to make up lies about Jews in the territories, does his job for this article:

“The occupation has worked to close the streets and the Ibrahimi Mosque for three days to protect the entry of more than 40 thousand settlers,” he said, adding that about 2,000 people stormed the city of Jerusalem last Thursday.”

 “We are dealing with generations of settlers who say this is my birthplace and my birthplace is here,” he said. “The problem with the new generations is exacerbated by the Israelis teaching their children.”

The Cave of the Patriarchs is open for exclusive Jewish use ten days of the year. It is open for exclusive Muslim use ten days of the year as well. Those days are published in existing agreements, and the schedule for 2019 can be seen here. Nothing to do with Bibi or the elections.

And this happens every time the site is closed to Muslims as per the agreement – Arab media complains about how Israel is taking over the site.

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