September 24, 2023

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As if you had any doubt: Yes, Hamas is antisemitic

The fallout from the videos of Bahraini nationals dancing with Jews continues.

Hamas was upset with this video of Jews at a Chanukah candle lighting ceremony:

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas denounced the hosting a group of dignitaries and traders in the State of Bahrain. Dancing with the Israeli delegation of Jewish extremist racists is a humiliating and disgraceful appearance. 

The movement in a press statement on Monday warned that this will hurt the reputation of the State of Bahrain at a time when there is growing international sympathy with the Palestinian cause and support the right of the Palestinian people, and the growing international boycott of the Zionist entity movements in all forms. 

Hamas has demanded the State of Bahrain, Arab and Islamic countries all work to stop all forms of normalization and ending with the Israeli enemy in all fields.

Of course, this wasn’t an Israeli delegation at all, but American businessmen, a European rabbinical leader  and reportedly some Chabad emissaries.

Hamas is disgusted to see Jews being treated like normal people by Arabs. And judging from social media, they aren’t alone.

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