July 7, 2020

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Arabs engaging in "Jewish ethnic cleansing denial"


The news that Israel would seek $250 billion in compensation from Arab countries for the property that Jews lost when they were expelled in the 1940s and 1950s is angering many Arabs.

The usual line is that every single one of the 900,000 Jews who suddenly left Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco , Yemen and other countries left completely voluntarily, or were coerced to leave by Israeli campaigns of terror against them. Not one was forced to leave by their Arab governments.

Al Khaleej writes, “It is a state that seeks to obliterate the historical rights of the Palestinian people and to falsify history through the fabrication of an alternative version of the displacement of Jews from the Arab countries, although they were not expelled from the Arab countries. The Jews of the Arab countries were taken out by the Zionist movement before the establishment of this state and after its establishment, and the Jews of the Arab countries accounted for 42% of the total of its settlers. In this sense they were the raw material that formed the state of the occupation. They replaced the original inhabitants of Palestine and occupied their cities and land and stole their goods.”

I’ve seen many such articles astonished at the chutzpah that the usurping Jews have to demand compensation from innocent Arabs.

It is no surprise that the Arabs, who routinely deny the Holocaust, who deny their historic antisemitism and who deny any Jewish connection to the land of Israel, would also deny that they ever did anything to force the Jews to leave their countries.

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