May 27, 2020

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Arab/Muslim Immigration to the Holy Land (American Zionism)

I am pleased that the amazing tweeter American Zionism agreed to write an occasional article for EoZ.


Arab/Muslim Immigration to the Holy Land

Part 1 – Bosnia, Algeria, Morocco, and Egypt

We know a lot about Jewish immigration to the Holy Land because the Ottomans and then the British did such a good job at keeping Jews out that it became global news. But what about Arab/Muslim immigration to the Holy Land during the same period. The usual narrative you will read online is that the Jews arrived in the late 19th & early 20th century, but that the “Palestinians” had been there since the beginning of time. Is that true?

If you have ever spent time on social media talking about Israel, you may have come across this quote from Robert Kennedy

“The Jews point with pride to the fact that over 500,000 Arabs, in the 12 years between 1932-1944, came into Palestine to take advantage of living conditions existing in no other Arab state …”

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