July 23, 2024

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Arab hospital in Jerusalem stops accepting patients because PA leaders prioritize paying terrorists over medicines


The Augusta Victoria Hospital in Jerusalem, one of the major hospitals treating Palestinian Arabs, has announced that it can no longer accept patients because of the huge sums of money owed to it by the Palestinian Authority.

The hospital issued a press release today saying that it can no longer receive patients. It has exhausted its stores of medicines needed to do basic medical care.

The hospital urgently requires 23 million shekels ($6.4M) to cover the purchase of medicines and vital treatments especially for those suffering from cancer and kidney disease.

The Palestinian Authority owes the hospital NIS 150 million ($41 million) and the debt has been accumulating at the rate of $4 million every month.

Some 700-800 patients come to Augusta Victoria for treatment daily.

More Gazans are referred to the Augusta Victoria hospital than any other, with 568 Gazans being admitted there in February, according to the World Health Organization.

The Palestinian leadership pays some $10 million a month to terrorists in prison and who were freed, and nearly $15 million a month to terrorist families. That part of the PA budget is considered sacred, so its citizens are going to literally die so they can pay their terrorist heroes. (My next article goes into more detail.)

The Palestinian Authority is also considering stopping supplying medicines and medical equipment for Gazans altogether.

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