September 27, 2021

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Arab film producers’ union blames "Jewish lobby" for JASTA legislation

I’ve mentioned how Saudi media covered the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA) passed by Congress.

For some reason the Egypt-based General Union of Arab Producers decided that they must weigh in on the issue as well.

Like the Saudis, they blame the Jews.

But for a completely different reason.

The producers at first expressed reluctance for an artistic union to get involved in a political issue like this. But that didn’t last. After declaring that even many Americans agree that the Saudis had nothing to do with 9/11, they said:

We emphasize that there are a number of members of Congress who are working for the interests of the “Jewish lobby”, which aims to form “a new Middle East…” And this Zionist lobby in the United States is aimed at causing unrest in Saudi Arabia that will cause the collapse of the Saudi state .. followed by the Gulf states until the “new Middle East” scheme is completed, putting the Gulf states are in crises like Syria, Libya and Iraq.

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