December 13, 2019

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Antisemitism also up in Canada, Britain, Australia. Because of Trump?

When statistics on the increase of antisemitism in the US are released, the knee-jerk reaction from the media and the Left is that this is a reflection of the policies of President Trump.

If that is true, then why are antisemitic incidents up across the board in other liberal Western countries?

In Canada, antisemitic incidents in 2017 were at an all time high.

In the UK, antisemitic incidents in 2017 were also at an all time high.

In Australia, antisemitic incidents were up 10% compared to 2016.

In France, antisemitic incidents were up 69% this year so far.

In Germany , antisemitic incidents have been rising as well.

Antisemitism is a disease. It is not aligned with any specific cause – any cause given is an excuse.

On a related topic, here is a nice video of Yossi Klein Halevi explaining why anti-Zionism is today’s antisemitism.

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