May 29, 2020

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Antisemitic op-ed in Salt Lake City Tribune
An op-ed at the Salt Lake City Tribune by a Michael S. Robinson crosses the line into direct antisemitism:

Well folks, we don’t have to worry about Freddy Krueger or Chucky. We have our own real monsters to deal with.
Whether it’s a passive complicity or active participation, our country is partnered with one of the worst human-rights violators in our world. There’s a very logical reason The Donald has wooed Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu. Oh, sure, it’s partly our president’s narcissistic need to cultivate anyone who’s willing to tell him he’s wonderful. But it’s equally probable that Trump has noticed the Israeli leader’s strategic positioning in fomenting, even at the price of outright lies, a more precipitous situation with Arab nations.

Saying that Netanyahu is one of the worst human rights violators in the world is absurd, but not antisemitic. Comparing him to Hollywood monsters is insane, but not antisemitic.
This is antisemitic:

Can the power of the U.S. Jewish lobby really be so strong that we are blinded to Israel’s atrocities? Aside from the votes that are paid for by that lobby, there seems to be a mindless philosophy that, because the Jews have historically suffered so much, we must never criticize them. Even Dr. Spock would frown on this type of parenting. It doesn’t make a naughty child any better when parents decline all discipline, just because little Suzie had a nasty owie two weeks ago.

Yes, Robinson is comparing the Holocaust with “little Suzie’s nasty owie two weeks ago.” 
This is antisemitic:

Oh, yes, the Jews know all about concentration camps, but they seem unable to muster any human compassion for the suffering of their neighbors. Instead of a normal and healthy outgrowth of empathy, Israel has instead become the monster.

The “Jews are acting like Nazis” meme is a modern blood libel.

I wrote a response although I concentrated more on his lies than his obvious problem with Jews.

Already at the beginning of this absurd article we see how ignorant and hateful the author is.

Netanyahu is “one of the worst human-rights violators in our world”? Really? even if you believe every single lie about Israel in this article – and rest assured, there are dozens of them – the number of people killed or injured or displaced by Israel in 70 years is minuscule compared to its Arab neighbors, let alone Russia or Iran or Rwanda or even the US. In fact, Arabs have killed more PALESTINIANS than Israel has (Black September 1970, Syria now, Lebanon over years of civil wars.) Kuwait expelled hundreds of thousands of Palestinians for supporting Saddam. Arab countries refuse to give Palestinians citizenship, forcing them to remain stateless no matter how many generations live in their borders. The list goes on and on – and that’s just Palestinians, not other Arab on Arab violence.
When you actually look at things objectively, Israel has a better human rights record than any country you can name when at war. A higher percentage of those killed by Israel are militant (vs. civilian) than in nearly every war in history. Israel works harder than any nation in history – including Great Britain and the US today – to minimize civilian casualties. I have the facts to back this up.
But Robinson isn’t interested in facts.No, he wants to compare the murder of six million Jews to “an owie that little Suzie got two weeks ago.” He wants to say that the only people who support a liberal, progressive nation are “the powerful Jewish lobby.” He freely admits he hates Israel. He doesn’t seem to have the same hate for suicide bombers, rocket launchers or bus bombers. I wonder why.

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