May 20, 2019

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Abbas’ fake apology got him off the hook at the Security Council

From Haaretz:

The United Nations Security Council declined on Friday to adopt a request by the United States to condemn recent remarks by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that were widely criticized as being anti-Semitic, according to AFP. Diplomats said Kuwait rejected the U.S. draft and killed it, arguing that Abbas had already apologized and that it was one-sided.

There are no other details, but one can surmise a bit from this.

Abbas and the Palestinian media showed no remorse over his blatantly antisemitic remarks. His “apology” was insulting and not an apology at all.

Kuwait, a member of the Security Council this year, was drafted to stop a UNSC condemnation which would have made Abbas look very, very  bad. A minimal “apology” was created specifically to allow Kuwait to claim that the issue was over and Abbas apologized.

The most important part of this story is the idea that the proposed condemnation was “one-sided.” This means that, according to the UNSC that allowed the Kuwaiti move to kill the resolution, that Jew-hatred is not to be condemned unless it is balanced by – Jew-hatred.

The UN is a worthless organization, but this incident proves that it believes that there are two sides to every antisemitic statement.

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