September 23, 2019

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Another Arab "scholar" claims that ancient Israel was in Yemen

Another “scholarly” book has just been published that claims that the land of Israel mentioned in the Bible is nowhere near “Palestine” – but was in Yemen.

Iraqi Arab scholar Dr. Fadel al-Rubaie says that he intensively researched this for 25 years, and found corresponding geographic features and place names in Yemen to places mentioned in the Torah. He concludes that the idea that the kingdoms of Judah and Israel were in Israel is an Orientalist reading of the Bible.

Jerusalem is really “Beit Bos” near Sanaa. Jericho isn’t in Jericho. Hebron is not Hebron. Acre is really Yemen’s “Ak.” Bethlehem is not Bethlehem, Jaffa isn’t Jaffa, Beit El isn’t Beit El.

Nebuchadnezzar conquered Yemen, not Judah. Jerusalem didn’t even exist when Nebuchadnezzar was alive, we are told – it was built 700 years later.

There’s more! Judaism is an Arab religion. The children of Israel are the Yemeni Arab tribe of Hamir. Hebrew is an Arab language and has nothing to do with modern Hebrew.

The article goes on to urge the Palestinians to adopt this narrative in order to strengthen their own claim to the land. Which is, of course, the entire point of fabricating this history.

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