May 22, 2024

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Among the Antisemitic Outrages, An Alleged Jew-Baiter Sends Jews Sends His Love

By Daphne Anson


When Rabbi Y. Y. Jacobson made this very telling video for Chanukah
he obviously cannot have known of the very latest of the recent antisemitic outrages in the United States:

Meanwhile, across the Herring Pond in two adjoining leafy suburbs of London, including on a synagogue (see report and further photos here):

Above: How the BBC described the daubing; Sizer please note

I wonder what the Reverend Dr Stephen Sizer (the now ex-vicar of leafy Virginia Water in Surrey) who tweeted this

makes of the fact that the calumny represented (which seems to have begun with the American Far Right but which, sadly, also featured in a book of his, published in 2004 by the Inter Varsity Press) thinks of those developments in London this Chanukah.
As CEO of the so-called Peacemakers Trust, Sizer’s still blazing away with his Israel-hatred
(Don’t blame Israel for the plight of Gaza’s Christians, vicar. Blame Hamas. For starters, see here)

Warning: sick bucket alert.
In the meantime, this old political rogue has the gall to send Jews his love!

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