April 13, 2021

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Allah must love the Jews and hate the Palestinians


From Palestinian Media Watch:

A preacher on official PA TV taught that Hitler was one of a series of people sent by Allah throughout history to punish the Jews because of their evil behavior, and to teach them a lesson. However, the preacher taught in Friday’s sermon, in spite of all these punishments the Jews “have not learned from the events of history,” and continue their evil ways.

The Jews deserve their punishment, he assured his listeners. Their mentality is one of “arrogance… superiority over other people… seclusion.” Jews are “planning and systematically working to incite wars and strife in the entire world.” Because of this behavior the Jews have been punished. First Allah sent the Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar to destroy the First Temple, then he sent the Roman Titus to destroy the Second Temple, and then Hitler and the kings of Europe, and still the Jews did not learn their lesson:

“They didn’t learn from what Hitler did to them, and the kings of Europe, and Spain – they didn’t learn.”
[Official PA TV, Oct. 19, 2018]

Seven times in this short excerpt (see below) the unidentified preacher repeated and emphasized his antisemitic message that Jews refuse to learn from Allah’s punishments:

“They didn’t learn. They have continued to behave the same way… Those [Jews] have not learned from the events of history.”

The preacher opened his condemnation of the Jews citing a verse from the Quran to prove his point that the Jews’ suffering is not coincidental but is a punishment from Allah because of their bad behavior. He quoted a verse saying that Allah’s punishment can be seen “throughout the earth”:

“Proceed throughout the earth and observe how was the end of those who denied.” [Quran 3:137, Sahih International]

Let’s follow this logic.

If this is true, then Allah must really hate Palestinians and Arabs. After all, he punished the Palestinians with the “Nakba” which we are told is as bad as the Holocaust. By their own account, they live in open-air prisons, or as third and fourth generation refugees, in a stateless limbo.

And yet they haven’t learned their lesson.

On the other hand, Jordan and Egypt, who both lost wars to Israel thanks to Allah, did learn their lesson and now they have peace treaties. Allah has rewarded them with no more wars, and Israel even assists them with getting gas and water.

Also, Allah has rewarded the Jews with a state of their own. He rewarded the Jews with victories in 1948, 1967 and (yes, Egypt) 1973. The borders with Egypt and Lebanon and Syria are much quieter than they were in decades past.

That seems to indicate that Allah rather likes the Jews and dislikes Palestinians and others who try to destroy the Jewish state, doesn’t it?

Yet, somehow, Israel’s enemies don’t usually learn their lesson.

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