February 18, 2020

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Al Jazeera reporter claims Israeli police abused him. Spot the abuse in this Pallywood video.


Ahmed Shihab-Eldin calls himself “palestinian by blood. american by birth. kuwaiti by nationality. egyptian by upbringing. austrian by adolescence. curious by nature. employed by @AJplus.”

He tweeted:

I keep watching this video, but I cannot find any frisking or pushing. The soldiers are relaxed. At the very end one directs him to leave by lightly touching his elbow.


I think the UN should convene a special session.

The funny part is that he has scores of people tweeting feeling sorry for him because this was as traumatic an experience as one can imagine.

Even funnier is that there were about 10 photographers looking so hard to find a story there. But apparently, when there is no story, certain people will just make one up, knowing full well that even when they have video that contradicts their own story, people will believe them as long as the story is anti-Israel.

And this reporter’s buddy who took this video is wildly moving his camera around as if he is being pushed, to create the impression of chaos and wild aggression. But the police aren’t near him, nothing it happening.

It is really bad Pallywood.

(h/t geo)

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