April 13, 2021

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Al Beeb’s Savage Look at Malmö


By Daphne Anson


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Yesterday’s BBC article about the Swedish city of Malmö, written by Maddy Savage,  is a model example of dishonest reporting.

In saying “Swedish city” I of course use that term loosely, since  the place in question is the archetypical example of the slow suicide Abbaland committed in 1975 when it decided to reinvent itself as a satellite of the Third World.

But being a Beeboid (as the “Biased BBC” website would term her) Maddy Savage is not politically incorrect, and so her article begins:

Malmö’s international image is in need of a makeover — one that matches the genuine experience of its resident expats and citizens alike.

Saddled with a reputation for crime, the grittier neighbourhoods within Sweden’s third-largest urban hub have gained notoriety in recent years after appearing in global smash-hit Nordic Noir drama The Bridge, while more recent international debates have questioned safety amid large-scale immigration. US President Donald Trump has suggested that media and the authorities have hushed up how bad tensions are in the city, while UK politician Nigel Farage claimed it was the rape capital of Europe….’

With no attempt to discuss why Trump and Farage harbour such jaundiced views of Malmö, and to examine whether they may just have a point, Ms Savage warms to her appointed task: to present Malmö as a marvellous multicultural melting pot where everything in the garden’s lovely.

The genuine experience of its citizens?

How about the genuine experience  female victims of sexual assault by, er, savages?

Not only in Malmö but in other parts of Sweden.

Look, for instance, at the post a visitor to Sweden put under this recent video of high jinks in Malmo:


 I was lucky enough to spend New Year’s in Stockholm with my girlfriend and I must say it is a fantastic city everyone should visit! The the Swedes are real friendly  and we really enjoyed it but what let it down for me was New Year’s Eve travelling to the fireworks going through central station and the hordes of young North African/Arabic men hanging around staring disgustingly at every blonde girl that walked past including my girlfriend and when we took the the underground to return to our hotel after the fireworks we saw a different Stockholm, not a single Swede was on the tube, just Arabic-looking men all crowded in and wanting to stand as close to my girlfriend as possible  and staring disgustingly at her and when we arrived at our stop (Solna Strand) and we got off some of them started shouting in their language at my girlfriend and harassing her as we walked off the tube. It really opens my eyes to these primates that Europe is allowing in.  So thanks Sweden for your hospitality but f*ck you for allowing this scum into Europe and allowing them to reign free.  I feel real sorry for your wives and daughters that have to put up with that kind of sh*t everyday.[Emphasis added]

Here’s Swedish journalist Ingrid Carlqvist.  She could teach Maddy Savage a thing or three:


How about the genuine experience Jewish victims of seventh-century antisemitism imported into twentieth and twenty-first century Malmö?

See my post about the plight of Malmö’s Jews here
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It seems the experiences of Malmö’s Jews don’t count in Beeboid Maddy Savage’s view.

She mentioned the drama series The Bridge but avoided telling of the disquiet a Jewish actor in that series felt about antisemitism in the city it was made in, leading him to quit.  She made no attempt to interview people who have had bad experiences in that city owing to their gender or their Jewishness.

Needless to say, there’s no doubt, no doubt at all, that the reverse would apply if the perpetrators of those rapes and those antisemitic crimes had been white men and right-wingers respectively.

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