April 13, 2021

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A human rights violation no one discusses: Child marriages in Palestinian territories


The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics just released data on child marriages in the PA-controlled areas, and it isn’t good.

20.3% of Palestinian Arab women get married before they are 18, as opposed to just 1.1% of men. In the Gaza City area the number climbs to 40.8% while in Hebron is it at 36.2%.

In Jordan the number is only 8%. In Egypt, 17%; in Syria, 13%.

Child marriage is a human rights violation according to UN agencies. Yet this is the first time I have read about how prevalent it is in the territories, even though there are more “human rights” workers per capita in areas under PA control than probably anywhere else in the world.

Which just goes to show once again that “human rights” workers who pretend to care about Palestinians really don’t, and they concentrate their efforts not on helping a group of people but on demonizing another.

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