April 5, 2020

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23-Apr-17: The disturbing affair of the senior Hamas figure who was also a senior UNRWA figure and now isn’t


This is a follow-on to several posts we made over the last two months concerning Hamas influence at senior levels of UNRWA management. 

For background, see 26-Feb-17: Hamas’ new Gaza leadership, and what it says about educating towards a desperately worse future” and “27-Feb-17: UNRWA is shocked, shocked, to discover…” and “06-Mar-17: What has UNRWA known all these years about its staff terrorists?

Now this:

The United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees says a Gaza staffer suspected of being elected to the Islamic militant Hamas group’s leadership no longer works for the agency. Agency spokesman Chris Gunness says Saturday Suhail al-Hindi is no longer employed by the U.N. Relief and Works Agency. He declined to say whether al-Hindi had quit or was fired, saying the agency doesn’t “discuss the terms of departure of individual staff members.” In February, UNRWA suspended al-Hindi — the chairman of the agency’s Palestinian workers’ union — pending the results of an internal investigation sparked by Israeli accusations that the school principal was a member of Hamas’ new political leadership. Al-Hindi denied links to Gaza’s rulers. Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States and most of Europe. [UN Gaza staffer out after allegations of Hamas ties“, Associated Press, April 22, 2017]

Reassuring that the personal interests of UNRWA managers with ties to the Islamist terrorists of Hamas are in such safe, considerate and delicate hands.

On the other hand, given how every penny of the billions spent annually by UNRWA are fund-raised from donor countries and organizations, isn’t the public owed more than the spit-in-your-eye explanation offered by Mr Chris Gunness? As its official spokesperson, is “declined to say” a legitimate part of his job description?

The unwillingness of UNRWA management in general, and particularly Gunness, to own up to the malign influence of terrorists on Hamas’ operations and on its outcomes (especially on children educated in the UNRWA schools) over a period of generations is something that in a fair-minded and ethical world would be addressed by the people to whom UNRWA owes an accounting.

How many other senior Hamas terrorists hold down jobs in UNRWA, Mr Gunness? Does it not matter?

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