May 27, 2020

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07/30 Links Pt1: US envoy urges ‘transparent’ investigation of UNRWA over alleged misconduct; Switzerland suspends funding to UNRWA; AIPAC paves the way for a Palestiniian State

July 30, 2019 Ian Ian: Coming soon: An opportunity for UNRWA policy change Most observers ignore the UNRWA reality –of five million descendants who dwell in “temporary shelters” financed by a $1.2 billion of donations from 67 nations, […]

Matti Friedman: Israel is a Middle Eastern country

July 30, 2019 Ian Times of Israel interview with Matti Friedman, the Canadian-born journalist and writer of Spies of No Country and the Aleppo Codex. Outsiders are baffled by Israelis and their politics because they apply outmoded ‘European’ […]

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