August 12, 2020

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Egyptian urges Jews to be banned from synagogue

December 11, 2017 Ian Elder of Ziyon blog has unearthed a report in an Egyptian newspaper, El-Fagr, quoting an Alexandrian lawyer who is urging Egyptians to ban Jews from praying in the Nebi Daniel synagogue in Alexandria. Nothing […]

11-Dec-17: Sunday’s Jerusalem stabbing victim: an update

December 11, 2017 Ian The victim, Asher Elmaliach The Sunday knifing attack on a private security guard at the busy entrance to Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station [“10-Dec-17: A stabbing attack on a security guard shuts down Jerusalem’s main […]

11-Dec-17: Another Gazan rocket attack this evening

December 11, 2017 Ian Times of Israel says there has been another Gazan rocket attack on southern Israel this evening (Monday). “At least one rocket”, it reports, resulting in Israel Defense Forces “retaliatory fire”. A short while ago, […]

Pantograph (Divest This!)

December 11, 2017 Eldad Tzioni The pantograph (shown above) is a centuries old mechanical device used to create enlarged images.  When an artist uses a pen attached to one end of the pantograph to draw a sketch or illustration, the […]

Jerusalem: Views from the Far North

December 11, 2017 Ian Daphne Anson   Image credit: Reuters What an utter disastrous mess is Sweden, whose repellent foreign minister,  Margot Wallström,  recently declared:  “It is deeply regrettable that the United States will stop people from Iran, […]

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