September 24, 2023

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2017 Hasby Award nominations

It is that time of year again where I ask you for nominations for the annual Hasby Awards,  the best examples of pro-Israel advocacy for the year.

Below you will find the categories of awards for this year. You can add your own nominees or you can second the ones that are listed in the comments. I have pre-populated nominees from those who had been seconded last year and some others, but you are encouraged to nominate additional ones. There is no need to second nominees that have already been seconded. 

No nominations or seconds from Twitter or email, they must be placed in the comments. Please include links!

Self-nominations are allowed.

Additional category suggestions are welcome, but unlikely. It is already a crowded field.

As in previous years, no one gets awarded twice for the same category so I list the previous winners.

Some winners are decided by me and others will be based on surveys.. The awards will be given out sometime in 2017, maybe even in a real-life ceremony like last year’s. (But it might have to be in the New York area this time. If you have a good venue and want to host, please let me know!)

BEST PRO-ISRAEL TWEETER (Previous winners: Avi Mayer, No Camels, Margie in Tel Aviv, Arsen Ostrovsky)

BEST YOUNG DEFENDER OF ISRAEL (under 25) (Previous winners: Muhammad Zoabi, Leora Noor Eisenberg, Alexandra Markus (Lex))

BEST PRO-ISRAEL COMMENTATOR EXCLUSIVE TO MIDDLE EAST/ISRAEL (Previous winners: Barry Rubin, Sarah Honig, Caroline Glick, Evelyn Gordon)

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