July 12, 2020

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2.5 million people brainwashed by @UNRWA


UNRWA tweeted:

Besides the antisemitism and hate that we have documented over the years from UNRWA teachers and UNRWA curricula, one thing is certain. every single one of these 2.5 million children were taught that Israel is an illegitimate state and that those kids will one day rise up and “return” as they kick the Jews into the sea, whether literally or metaphorically.

UNRWA proudly says it teaches peace and coexistence. But it does not teach peace and coexistence with Israel.

UNRWA students never heard of the Holocaust from their schoolteachers – the few times UNRWA half-heartedly said it would be taught the uproar was immediate and UNRWA threw up its hands and said, sorry, we can’t.

UNRWA schools might be somewhat better than public schools in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, but it does not prepare any of these kids for peace. On the contrary, they are taught that they must remain stateless and build up the hate for the only party  UNRWA blames for their plight – Israel.

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