August 21, 2019

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16-Dec-17: Friday night Arab-on-Israeli Gazan rocket crashes into Gazan home
Last night’s “fell short” Gazan rocket crashed into a residence in Beit
Hanoun, a  Gazan settlement [Image Source]

More Arab-on-Israel rocket attacks this past Friday night (we were busy with the Jewish Sabbath) from the rocket-infested, Hamas-run Gaza Strip.

Ynet [“Rocket fired from Gaza hits home in Gaza“, December 15, 2017] reports

A rocket fired from Gaza into Israel Friday hit a residential building in Beit Hanoun in the strip and caused it considerable damage, according to the Arabic-language Facebook page of the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories. “Once again, the terrorist organizations launch rockets at the residents of Gaza themselves,” the post said. This is the second time in a week that a rocket fired by Palestinians hits a building in the northeast Gaza city. In the previous incident, a public school classroom was completely demolished.

Times of Israel [“IDF: Gaza rocket fired at Israel falls short, strikes house in Strip“, December 15, 2017], quoting a Hadashot report, says the damaged home belongs to the brother of a senior Hamas official, Mushir al-Masri.

This Al-Masri has scored several mentions in our blog. He was one of the Hamas men ignominiously roused from their sleep by police and promptly thrown out of an Eastern European country a few years back [see “15-Feb-13: Gnashing of teeth in Gaza as its reps are roused from bed and thrown out of Bulgaria“]. He was Hamas spokes-thug in relation to another terrorist-prisoner deal in 2014 [here], and again in 2015 [here].

It’s worth pointing out again that yet another Arab-on-Israeli rocket attack resulting in damage (and perhaps worse) to Palestinian Arabs in Gaza – what we call Fell Shorts – has gone entirely unreported in the non-Israeli media. (And if we’re wrong, please correct us.) We have reported on dozens of them in the past few years – check here.

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