July 11, 2020

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11-Mar-20: From the closet: An exchange of views


Though today is Purim in Jerusalem (Shushan Purim, to be more precise) and there’s plenty of merriment in the air, out on the street, throughout our neighborhood and here in the house, our minds tend to be on other things as well.

Someone we know only via Twitter and who has asked us to treat the exchange as anonymous sent us this message yesterday:

I want to inform you straight up, that despite I’m a hard-leftist I’m very supportive of the Israeli people. I’m also sympathetic of arab Palestinians who have go live their average lives forced to tolerate and put up with their daily, almost ritual antisemitism of their leadership from their leadership at the PA. Unfortunately, I cant be openly pro-Israeli as a leftist because I’ll be attacked by the left.
I personally appreciate your work in exposing and covering the Arab-Israeli conflict and seeking justice for your daughter.
If you choose post this please react my name and profile picture. Just sending a message that there are leftists that do support israel and some of them are zionists, they’re just in the closet.

We wrote back

Thank you. We don’t see ourselves left or right. We’re just against children being targeted for murder in the name of other’s people’s disputes, and we’re very much in favour of justice. I guess we’re not very different from you. We probably will post your words and will be very careful not to point back to you. Please stay in touch.

Our anonymous correspondent replied

I will keep in touch. Thanks.

Since we won’t be posting again this Purim, here’s a link to an article written and first published fifteen years ago by Arnold Roth that’s relevant, we think, in both senses of the word “today“: “26-Feb-18: Fifteen: A Purim meditation“.

May we all be blessed with joy and opportunities to celebrate, not only today on Purim but throughout the year and often. And may the cursed virus that’s turning so many lives upside down be defeated as comprehensively as Haman was.

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