July 7, 2020

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11-Mar-20: A thwarted stabbing in Jerusalem’s Old City

The thwarted stabber is removed from the scene of the attack
[Image Source: Yonatan Sindel, Flash 90

Barely mentioned elsewhere, an Israel National News report [here] says a Palestinian Arab resident of Jerusalem was thwarted yesterday (Tuesday around 1:40 in the afternoon) from carrying out a stabbing attack.

His target was the Border Guard officers stationed outside the Shalem police station near the bustling Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City and its Muslim Quarter.

The would-be knifer is said to have walked up to the police station’s entrance and pulled out a concealed knife. The Israelis perceived this to be an unfriendly act and promptly – and efficiently to judge from the results – overpowered the attacker, promptly separating him from his weapon.

He’s alive and well, neutralized (as the commonly-used security terminology describes it) but definitely not dead. And undergoing interrogation.

Damascus Gate, which has been the site of many violent Arab-on-Israel attacks in the past several years [click here to see our posts about some of them], was briefly closed. No injuries are reported.

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