July 13, 2020

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You can learn a lot from a T-shirt


Here’s a Twitter thread I wrote this morning:


A few questions for @PLSTNco:

1. Why do you choose borders drawn by colonialists? Palestine in maps before 1917 included parts of today’s Jordan and none of the Negev – what makes this “historic Palestine”? 

Could it be that you are only interested in land controlled by Jews?

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Best part about this, it is going towards the Palestinian cause! Put your money towards a great cause.

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2. You claim that money for your products goes towards the Palestinian cause. Your website doesn’t specify exactly what organizations, or what percentage of profits. Hamas? The PLO? Islamic Jihad? Your own pockets?
3. Do you support terrorism? Because your “flower out of a bomb” T-Shirt sure makes it sound that way. Are you proud of the thousands of Jewish civilians killed by your cause?
4. Your website is also curiously silent as to exactly who you are. No names, no real contact information. Are you scamming your customers?
5. The term “West Bank”was completely made up by Jordan. It didn’t exist before 1948. What exactly is “Palestinian” about that term? Why didn’t Palestinians demand that land for a state from Jordan before 1967?
6. Finally, so you have any customers stupid enough to spend $24 on T-shirts where they don’t know who you are or where the money is going? For all we know, you could be Zionists trying to make a buck off of a supposedly “progressive” cause. Are you?

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