September 19, 2020

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Yet more proof that "pro-Palestinian" is a codeword for "inciting against Israel"

The “Adalah Justice Project,” an influential American group that claims to be “pro-Palestinian,” tweets:

The  Executive Order was against antisemitism, which includes treating the Jewish state as a proxy for traditional antisemitism (by subjecting it to double standards, false accusations and analogies meant to hurt the feelings of Jews such as comparing it to Nazis).

In no way does it cover “advocacy for Palestinian rights.”

But Adalah, as well as any so-called “pro-Palestinian” organization you can name, cannot even imagine advocating for Palestinian rights – which no one is against – and attacking the Jewish state. The two are one and the same.

Well-meaning people are saying that the IHRA definition of antisemitism may be used to chill free speech. There is no proof for this. There is also no proof that existing Title VI legislation, which could be used to attack free speech that could be descried as racist or xenophobic, is problematic. But for some reason the Adalah-style argument – that antisemitic speech must be protected on campus while anti-racist and anti-immigrant speech cannot be – has resonated with the liberal media and organizations.

This is quite worrying for those who actually care about antisemitism.

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