December 16, 2018

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Yes, the Palestinian Authority is obsessed with demonizing observant Jews as "Talmudic"

I noted yesterday that the official government run Palestinian Authority news agency Wafa liked to use the term “Talmudic” to describe anything that they didn’t like that Jews were doing, as a dog whistle to incite Jw-hatred among their people.

Going through the archives of Wafa, I see over 150 mentions of “Talmudic” over the years, some quite absurd. Besides the “Talmudic clothing” mentioned yesterday (which they have done before,) we can find:

Temple Mount visitors performing “silent Talmudic rituals.

Reference to Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot as “Talmudic holidays

A replica of the menorah in the Temple as a “Talmudic candlestick

An archaeological park near the Temple Mount referred repeatedly as a “Talmudic park” or “Talmudic gardens.”

Visitors to the Mount referred to as “students at Talmudic seminaries.”

Israel lighting up the walls of Jerusalem with “Talmudic pictures

Nearly all of these articles have the word “Talmudic” in the headline.They regularly get picked up and reprinted, verbatim, in Palestinian and other Arab media.

The implication is that anything “Talmudic” is sinister and satanic. Yet all of normative Judaism is to some extent “Talmudic” from Chanukah and Purim to how to blow a shofar and the entire Passover Seder text.

This is pure, official antisemitism on the part of Israel’s supposed peace partner, the “moderate” PA.

Those who have suddenly become hyper-aware of right-wing antisemitism continue to be silent on official Arab antisemitism.

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