March 4, 2021

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Work accident!

Another Hamas “martyr” has ascended to Paradise.

Omar Abu Nimah was electrocuted while working in a terror tunnel in southern Gaza.

He was such a happy terrorist, too.

Here is the uncorrected, autotranslated eulogy from the Hamas Al Qassam website.

“We ask Allah to accept him and to make him live in peace, to make his struggle pure for his holy face, to persevere his people and his loved ones, and to improve their consolation, and the blood of our martyrs will remain a shining light in the path of liberating Palestine and burning the occupiers until they are defeated from our land.” On the road of the thorn, the Mujahideen of the Qassams spend the heroes, do not know to rest or sit in a way, their silence is only a jihad and preparation for as long as the enemy and the friend saw his fruit in the battlefields of the battle, from training to industrialization to digging tunnels of pride and dignity to the positions of the homeland, some, the young believer dedicated himself to God sacrificing all dear and precious, dug in the rock despite the blockade and restrictions near and distant and give up, held out the promise of the afterlife , which is coming inevitably on getting worse Mujahdona faces of the Zionists , God willing, and expel from the land of Isra ‘ submissive and they are humble. ” She continued:” We ask Allaah to accept Him and dwell in Him Melt downpeace, and make his struggle purely for His sake, and that patient and his family loved ones and improves find relief, and blood our martyrs will remain guiding light in way liberation Palestine and fire burn until occupiers from our land Andhroa God willing. ” 

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