May 31, 2020

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While "feminists" celebrate hijab, real Muslim women worldwide are burning theirs on #NoHijabDay

The leftist feminist movement celebrates Muslim women wearing hijab as if it is a symbol of human rights., of resistance to racism and anti-colonialist.

But real Muslim women know better:

Videos showing women burning the hijab are being posted on social media in solidarity with a protest movement against enforced headscarf in Iran.
Posted online with the hashtag #NoHijabDay, a response to last week’s World Hijab Day event, the videos show women removing their headscarves and setting them on fire in front of the camera.

Anoud Al Ali, who grew up in the United Arab Emirates but is now living in France, posted a video of herself burning the hijab and called it ‘true happiness’.
She details how she used to be forced to wear the headscarf by her family and in school or she would be punished with lower grades.  

Here’s another similar video for #NoHijabDay by an ex-Muslim Canadian woman:

This is besides the heroism of ordinary Iranian women who face jail time for taking off their hijabs:

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