September 26, 2018

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Where are all the predicted NYC anti-Muslim hate crimes after the terror attack?

It has been a week since Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, yelling “Allahu Akbar,” murdered eight innocent people in New York City.

Immediately afterwards we saw articles like this:


Hate crimes against New York City Muslims were on the rise even before Tuesday’s car attack in lower Manhattan—but the region’s Pakistanis, Arabs, Turks and other followers of Islam are preparing for more incidents as New York mourns its eight victims.  


Muslim New Yorkers are bracing themselves for hate crimes after terror attack 

New York activist Linda Sarsour was at John F. Kennedy International Airport waiting to board a flight to San Diego Tuesday afternoon when news broke that a truck driver had killed multiple people in Lower Manhattan.
As she watched subtitled cable news reports scroll across a terminal television, the co-organizer of January’s historic Women’s March on Washington said to herself what many Muslim Americans find themselves saying after a terror attack.
“I was thinking, ‘Please, God, don’t let it be a Muslim,’” Sarsour said in an interview Wednesday morning.


 Fears of Muslim New Yorkers have been reignited by Tuesday’s deadly truck attack in lower Manhattan.


SHAPIRO: And so at this point, are you almost expecting a backlash?
RASHID: I think we’ve seen this cycle repeatedly – that there is an attack. Whether it’s committed by a Muslim or not, there’s often a backlash against Muslim communities. And when it is committed by a Muslim, there’s a real sense of collective guilt. And I really feel particularly for Muslim women who wear hijab who are very visibly Muslim to be in this environment right now.

 So where is the backlash in New York that we were warned about? It’s been a week, the media has been on high alert – where are all the anti-Muslim hate crimes?

The mosque in Paterson near where Saipov lived did receive a number of threats – most of them from the same person, who didn’t block his caller ID. But I cannot find any examples of hate crime in New York City that we are all conditioned to expect.

Funny how the stories of expected anti-Muslim hate crimes always are more prominent than actual anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Newsweek also reported in its story:

The New York Police Department’s hate crimes unit reports that half the known hate crimes in the first two quarters of 2017 were against Muslims. 

This is completely false. I downloaded the statistics.

Anti-Jewish hate crime complaints in the first two quarters outnumbered anti-Muslim complaints 98-15.

Arrests for anti-Jewish hate crimes outnumbered arrests for anti-Muslim hate crimes 22-10.

Where are the anguished articles about the “wave” of antisemitic crimes in New York City? Why do the comparatively tiny number of Islamophobic crimes get such an outsized amount of attention?

Perhaps because the media doesn’t want to consider Jews to be minorities while Muslims want to be considered “people of color”?

But if that’s the case, there is another statistic about anti-Muslim crimes that the media will stay away from:
Four of the ten people arrested for anti-Muslim crimes were black.

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