June 28, 2022

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When Max Blumenthal exposes an antisemite… (Petra Marquardt-Bigman)


As you all probably know, Max Blumenthal is an award-winning author – sort of: in 2013, he made the Simon Wiesenthal Center list of the “Top 10 Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Slurs” in the category “The Power of the Poison Pen.” It was a well-deservedaward for his book “Goliath,” which presents Israel as the Nazi Germany of our time. Just as the Nazis were convinced that “the Jews are our misfortune,” Blumenthal and his fans are convinced that the world’s only Jewish state is our misfortune. So it’s no coincidence that Blumenthal has fans wherever there are Jew-haters.

But of course, Max Blumenthal has long complained that it is terribly terribly unfair to consider his writings antisemitic, and he was therefore no doubt enormously pleased last week when he could finally show the world – or at least his Twitter followers – who the real big bad antisemitic wolves are: isn’t it a dreadful scandal, and definitely a groise shanda, that Max Blumenthal caught “digital McCarthyite @JGreenblattADL favoriting an anti-Semitic account that defends him”?!?!?!?!

So yes, this would be Anti-Defamation League (ADL) Director Jonathan Greenblatt palling around with antisemites – but no, most definitely NO, Max Blumenthal doesn’t get sarcasm when it comes to his own antisemitism … In fact he knows so little about antisemitism that he doesn’t even realize that antisemites are not in the habit of defending the ADL. But perhaps Max Blumenthal thought the ADL is paying antisemites to pretend being all for the ADL??? You know, sort of like the “pro-Israel lobby” boughtCongress and would LOVE to buy Black Lives Matter in order to muzzle them???

Incidentally, the article on the “hate siteMondoweiss that Blumenthal linked to attacks the ADL, and in particular Greenblatt. And it just happens to be written by the very same “professional poker player and dog trainer” who not that long ago valiantly defendedMax Blumenthal’s vilification of Elie Wiesel.

But back to the image that provided Blumenthal his gotcha moment. It was posted by Twitter user Randy Barnes – who describes himself in his Twitter bio as a Zionist Jew and has “עם ישראל חי” in it (something few antisemites really like). From this alone it should have been quite obvious that Barnes meant to mock Blumenthal’s own world view. After all, Blumenthal is one of the leading anti-Israel activists who try to connect pretty much everything that can be criticized in the US to Israel in a desperate attempt to piggyback on social unrest that has nothing whatsoever to do with Israel. (That’s in addition to being convinced that the “pro-Israel lobby” is on a shopping spree in the US…)

In any case, Barnes eventually got back to Blumenthal, telling him: “I consider myself honored to be at the receiving end of one of your FactFree™ smears, Max. כל הכבוד!” Blumenthal – who can’t really afford to admit that he made an embarrassing mistake because such a habit would take a really big chunk of his time – responded: “Glad to have confirmation that @JGreenblattADL approved of you appropriating Nazi propaganda to harass Jews who oppose apartheid.”

Sometime somewhere we can now probably look forward to a book, or an article, or at least a presentation in which Max Blumenthal will claim that ADL Director Jonathan Greenblatt approves of “appropriating Nazi propaganda to harass Jews who oppose apartheid.” Barnes really was on to something when he mentioned Blumenthal’s “FactFree™ smears,” because this is exactly how Blumenthal proceeded when he was smearingAyaan Hirsi Ali, or, for that matter, Elie Wiesel. “FactFree™ smears” is actually an excellent description of Max Blumenthal’s modus operandi.
What’s a bit strange is that Max Blumenthal now seems to regard himself as a ‘Jew who opposes apartheid.’ Makes you wonder what happened: Blumenthal was so proud of all his hard work demonizing the world’s only Jewish state as the Nazi Germany of our time, and soon afterwards, as the Jewish version of the Islamic State (ISIS) terror group – and now we’re back to calling Israel just an apartheid state?!? Or maybe Max Blumenthal felt it just wouldn’t have sounded so good if he tweeted: “Glad to have confirmation that @JGreenblattADL approved of you appropriating Nazi propaganda to harass Jews who oppose Nazi-ISIS-Israel”???

Could it be that Max Blumenthal is worried about exposing himself as an antisemite?

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