May 20, 2019

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What non-lethal anti-riot means does Israel have available for Gaza? Not much.

Today is another day of the Gaza riots. And it will be another day of critics saying that Israel is using too much force to defend its borders.

What riot control means can it use?

The army is trying to keep people about 300 meters from the fence. That makes standard riot control means nearly impossible.

The range for shooting standard tear gas is only 100 meters. 

Israel’s sonic blaster has a range of 50 meters, although the US has similar weapons that can work at up to 300 meters.

A water cannon can only shoot for tens of meters.

Israel’s famous “Skunk” water has the same limitations as a water cannon.

A bean bag round is only accurate from 20 meters away.

Rubber bullets can only be shot for about 100 meters. 

Stun grenades are only good when they are detonated a very specific distance from the target – too close and they could be fatal, too far and they are useless.

The only non-lethal method that can work, as far as I can tell, is shooting tear gas from drones – which Israel is already doing, but it is only good for specific types of actions. It wouldn’t help stop people who are already at the fence.

Keep in mind that Israel is criticized even when it uses these non-lethal methods of riot control. But practically none of them are useful for the Gaza riots. This is why they are shooting at ringleaders’ legs – it is the only way to avoid killing people.

As usual, Israel-haters will complain about what Israel is doing, but they have no alternative except for letting Israel allow sworn enemies to walk in.

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