March 26, 2019

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Watch J-Street audience cheer Palestinian intransigence (video)

When Husam Zomlot gave his speech at J-Street, he described every single thing that Palestinians will never accept.

Most of these were things that any Israeli government, from right to left, would insist on in any peace deal.

No to anything less than a full state – with an army, with control over its borders, which would threaten Israel’s nine-mile pre-1967 width. Bill Clinton was OK with this, Barack Obama was OK with this – but not J-Street.

No interim peace plans. Give Palestinians everything they demand unconditionally, and trust them, even though they have given Israel no reason to trust them and celebrate terror, today.

No state without East Jerusalem – a huge amount of applause from the supposedly pro-Israel Jewish crowd, willing to give up their very souls. Yitzchak Rabin would never have dreamed of doing this.

No state without “resolving” refugees – meaning flooding Israel with people whose ancestors were in British Mandate Palestine in 1947. Why a Palestinian leader wants his own people to move to the Jewish state and not “Palestine” is obvious to anyone with a brain – but J-Street audience members support it.

No state with”one Israeli soldier on its soil” – meaning, Israel must outsource its very security to people who celebrate terrorists as heroes and martyrs.

None of these would be accepted by any reasonable Israeli leader without severe restrictions at the very least. But J-Street doesn’t represent the needs and wants of Israel.

As  the audience proves here, J-Street is pro-Palestinian – and nothing else.
The audience was also remarkably willing to believe the most absurd lies. “We vow that once peace prevails, once the State of Palestine is created, with East Jerusalem as its capital, we will not only recognize the Jewish connection to Jerusalem, we will celebrate it.”

Recognizing the Jewish connection to Jerusalem shouldn’t be dependent on a peace deal – it is a fact. A promise to recognize a fact doesn’t show flexibility – it proves that the negotiator is a liar from the start.

 The idea that J-Street actually believes these obvious lies is, by itself, enough to discredit it as any sort of serious group of people.

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