May 27, 2020

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Video: Palestinians beat up transgender Arabs in Ramallah, pro-BDS queer groups silent

JPost reports:

Sami, a transgender Palestinian originally from Hebron, who now lives in Tel Aviv, was severely beaten on Monday afternoon in Kfar Aqab, a village close to Ramallah.
Sami and his friend were able to escape after reaching the Kalandia checkpoint, not before the youth damaged his car and destroyed much of its exterior body.Because of his transgender identity, Sami was kicked out his home by his family, later gaining refuge in Tel Aviv. The circumstances surrounding the incident are still unclear.

According to social media, the victim went to Ramallah to get a rhinoplasty.

Video of the incident is online. Apparently, the original videos were far worse and the worst violence has been edited out.

The attackers gleefully filmed the victim’s women’s undergarments in the car trunk.

This is the victim.

I could not find a word about this in the left-wing, pro-gay rights, anti-Israel Twitter accounts I follow.

Neither was there any outrage from the alQaws Palestinian gay rights group, or from “Queers for Palestine.”

(h/t @dudid2428)

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